Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to commonly-asked questions about the ATOP TV products and services.

Atop TV is television products, which  are delivered using the Internet service (also known as  IPTV  ).

Atop TV provides television service at a competitive price that includes local and approved live programing governed by the CRTC, Pay-per-view and Video on Demand.

Internet service is required to receive Atop TV. The internet is the way that Atop TV transports the signal to your set top box and provides the content to the customer.

Atop TV is currently only available in Southern Ontario including Toronto and the GTA. We are always expanding and hope to have service in other areas soon.

Simply set up an account on ours or one of our resellers website, fill in your information including a valid Credit card Number and choose whether you would like automatic billing or manual billing.

Switching to Atop is easy. Just sign up with us, cancel your current provider and we take care of the rest. We'll schedule your internet installation on the same date as your cancellation date, so there is no service interruption. Please note, typically your current provider will require 30 days advance notice for cancellation.

Personal Video Recorder (PVR), provides you the capability of scheduling and recording your favorite programs and live TV and rewind it or watch it later at any time.

The best way to enjoy ATOP's TV programming is to purchase a Set-Top-Box for each TV in your home.

If you purchase your system from an authorized Atop Reseller, you can start enjoying your TV and internet within three to 10 days.

The Set-Top-Box we are using is loaded with features such as HDMI, Full HD, wireless connectivity, etc. The current price for the Set-Top-Box is $128 which is a one time cost.

Professional basic installation is included in the price, which includes the following:
1)Installation and setup of Internet router
2)Set up the Atop Set-Top-Box
3)Connecting your TV and verifying

To access your ATOP TV account online, click on My Account at the bottom of all Atoptv.ca pages.
Make sure to have your account number ready. You can find it on your customer bill. If you have used My Account before, simply enter your account number and password. If you have never used My Account before you will need to Register to get your account activated for online access.

If you've forgotten the password to your online account access we can reset it for you. Just click My Account followed by Forgot Password. Follow the on screen instructions and we'll have a new password emailed to you.